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In NASA's new video game, you're a telescope on the hunt for dark matter.

Publié : sam. juin 11, 2022 5:22 am
par kafa88

There's always something new to learn about space. Either way scientists plan to grow food in microgravity.

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Or how new telescopes will illuminate dark energy? But NASA is using a new tactic for people to discover the science behind the agency's mission: turn future goals into video games especially A browser game released on June 2nd, it puts players in control of NASA's next-generation space telescope. A team of developers at NASA's

Goddard Space Flight Center created Roman Space Observer, designed to inform users about Upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Mission Named after Nancy Roman, NASA's first head of astronomy, the infrared observatory is scheduled to launch in the mid-2020s.

when operating The Roman mission was to assist astronomers with answering important questions about exoplanets and the evolution of the universe. including whether our light blue spot is the only place where life thrives. The mission will take about half a decade. But it could be extended for another five years if NASA decides that Roman still has a lot to do.

But for those who want to check out the intricacies of missions from their home on Earth in the comfort of their home, the Roman Space Observer might be more your style.Users perform Roman virtual missions and play as light blue blocks. It represents the telescope's 18 image sensors that will capture images in the Wide-Field Instrument.