Scientists search for aliens among billions of stars

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Is there any alien life there? Humanity has asked this slot question a number of times over the years. However, a recent study has yielded some interesting results. Three researchers conducted a study in late 2020. They used a Murchison Widefield Array to search for space in space for as long as possible. seven hours The trio hope to find evidence of life beyond our planet by looking for broadcast signals at frequencies up to 155MHz.

The search array consists of 4,000 antennas in the Western Australian Desert. the researchers listened "Signature technology" of aliens or signs of alien life of any kind. This is because the array can accept low-frequency radio waves. They therefore hope to be able to provide some evidence of intelligent life in another world.

During the seven-hour listening The group focuses on the Galactic Center. This center was a primary target for astronomers in the past as it contained all its stars. An increase in the number of stars means the chances for Earth to have life and more intelligent beings. However, after seven hours of listening in the Galactic Center, the researchers showed nothing.