Chinese scientists identify more heat-tolerant rice genes

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Inscription : ven. févr. 25, 2022 4:22 am


Chinese scientists have discovered two genes in rice that can make main crops more heat resistant. This is a new method of breeding plants that are resistant to extreme heat. According to a study published in the journal Science.

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Researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have revealed the mechanism by which rice cell membranes perceive external heat stress signals before communicating

with chloroplasts. which is an organelle with photosynthesis A large amount of heat can destroy the chloroplasts of plants. when the temperature exceeds the normal tolerance of the crop productivity often decreases

The researchers identified locus with two genes: temperature tolerance 3.1 (TT3.1) and temperature tolerance 3.2 (TT3.2). They interacted in concert to increase the heat tolerance of rice and reduce Seed loss caused by heat stress